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Precision Marksmanship Technologies Cerakote Service prides itself on excellence and delivering what our customers request.  To meet our customers’ requests, we have many Cerakote options. 

We offer Cerakote options for the following platforms: 

  • Pistol – $250
  • Rifle – $300
  • Shotgun – $300
  • Lever – $350

Furthermore, we offer different color services to paint your firearm: 

  • Single 
  • Dual-tone [+$40] 
  • Custom multicolor [+$180 minimum] 

The aforementioned only includes the prices affiliated with painting major parts of the firearm. 

Additional parts: 

  • Small Parts (trigger, magazine release, pins, etc.) +$15 each or $80 a rack of 8-10 parts 
  • Flashlights +$100 
  • Pistol Barrel +$40 
  • Rifle Barrel +$60 
  • Lasering flashlight brand logo +$60 

Each order will require a consultation on the magnitude of its complexity; however, please feel free to give us a call before placing your order at (209) 915-8625. 

Additional information: 


  • Your firearm is heavily oiled, greased, or dirty, firearms will incur an extra cleaning fee of $25 – $50 (depending on materials used) 
  • Your firearm is mechanically complicated, an extra fee for gunsmithing will be applied but can range between $50 and $200.